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 If you do things seriously, work hard, and have a strong sense of responsibility;

Have good team spirit and teamwork skills;

Have ideals, ambitions, and hope to develop together with the company;

Have the ability to learn, willing to act to provide personal ability and promote the development of the company!


Here you will get:

a growing environment and space;

Continuous improvement of personal qualities and skills;

Continue to show self-worth and life dreams!

We look forward to your joining!

Recruitment position
  • Doctors

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Fully understand the customer's injury and illness, and use medical knowledge to answer various consultations from customers;

    2. Provide customers with medical related services, such as outpatient appointments, second medical advice, first aid guidance, and accompanying consultation;

    3. Completely complete the customer's medical rescue service, hospitalization advancement, medical consultation, special needs clinic appointment, medical transfer and return.


    job requirements:

    1. General enrollment of bachelor degree or above in medicine, among which general, internal medicine, and major surgery are preferred;

    2. First-line clinical work experience of government medical institutions for five years or more; experience in medical consulting services and medical transshipment work is preferred;

    3. Proficiency in computer and office software; fluent English skills are preferred.

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  • English agent

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Provide English quality service according to standard words and procedures, complete the acceptance of global rescue or consulting cases, and ensure the connection rate;

    2. Track service progress, ensure service quality; coordinate and handle complaints; organize and record the case, and properly transfer the case;

    3. Teamwork in all departments and positions, as well as other temporary work assigned by superiors.


    job requirements:

    1. Mandarin standard, fluent in English, comfortable and clear voice; good experience with nurses;

    2. Strong communication, coordination and problem solving skills;

    3. College degree or above, more than 2 years work experience, customer service or call center work experience is preferred.

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