PROMA was the first to rush to the scene ofst bus accident in Utah
2019-12-03 Author:PROMA

PROMA was the first to rush to the scene ofst bus accident in Utah

A bus carrying Chinese tourists has been involved in a major traffic accident in Utah, killing four Chinese tourists and injuring 26 Chinese tourists. It is understood that this accident Pingan P&C insurance company and the Pacific P&C insurance company have relevant underwriting policies. The insurance company immediately activated the emergency response mechanism to carry out overseas rescue after the accident, .

At 20 o 'clock on September 21, local time, PROMA sent overseas rescue service personnel to Utah on behalf of Pingan P&C insurance company. As the first relief company to travel to the United States for local assistance and sympathy, our overseas relief service personnel visited 6 Chinese injured in ST GEOGRE hospital, and assisted the injured to communicate with the doctors, go through the admission procedures, and provide companionship and translation services.


Previously, the Chinese embassy in the United States has recruited three local volunteers to provide volunteer services. According to them, more and more Chinese people travel abroad, and their risk awareness is also rising rapidly recently. Insurance services provided by domestic insurance institutions are also becoming more and more comprehensive, covering not only accident and medical insurance, but also a number of rescue services such as medical evacuation and repatriation, advance payment guarantee, relatives visit, translation and legal aid.


PROMA is a rescue service provider of Pingan P&C insurance company, a leading insurance company in the industry. On the one hand, PROMA helps Pingan to build a global rescue network for the key service capabilities of overseas travel insurance and achieve 24-hour response. At the same time, we also provide services such as overseas direct compensation for medical expenses, cash delivery, and accompanying translation for customers' pain points such as inconvenience in overseas medical claims, travel obstruction after being stolen, and no one to take care of them after traveling alone. Pingan,on the other hand, set up online rescue dispatching platform, through the small claims procedure can realize customers in WeChat end a key online reports, and can use of international long distance telephone and support overseas WeChat voice report consultation, has realized the rapidness of the reporting process and online, and improve the customer experience, through a more humanized care services, to contribute to the injured.


"Professional temperature, reliable commitment", as a professional rescue company in the industry, PROMA will uphold the principle of customer first, continue to provide meticulous service for the major insurance companies and their customers.